Our governor has started to change his messaging on COVID-19, thankfully, but he still has room to grow and needs to take further action to slow the rampant spread of the virus in our state.


Texas Tribune: Greg Abbott Warns of Potential Lockdown


“Hi, I’m a constituent of Governor Abbott’s from {city/town} and my zip code is {_______}. I’m calling today to applaud his recent actions on requiring masks around the state, and respectfully encourage him to take more action to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state.

“Many of our hospitals are at or beyond capacity already, and our economy will be devastated if we continue to see high infection rates. The current lack of state-wide responsibility is nullifying the shutdowns we had just a few months ago.

“Stop the virus now by issuing a mandatory stay at home order. That is the only way we’ll get past this spike in cases.”