The Texas Supreme Court has put a moratorium on evictions through May 18. With little possibility that employment will be even close to recovering by then, we need to urge our elected officials to extend the moratorium on evictions until there is some semblance of normalcy in the state’s unemployment numbers.



Call your elected officials: State Supreme Court Members, the Governor (512-463-2000), and your State Rep and State Senator. (See Who Represents Me?). Here’s a sample script.

“Hi, I’m a constituent. My name is {name} and my zip code is {zip}. I’m calling to urge {representative name} to extend the moratorium on evictions in Texas until the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us and unemployment levels in the state have rebounded to more normal levels. In addition, the moratorium should include a waiver for all late fees, so we can prevent Texans from getting into a financial hole that they’ll never be able to recover from. Thank you.”