On Wednesday of last week, a Butadiene Plant in Port Neches, TX suffered massive explosions, forcing evacuations to the neighboring communities. The video footage of this horrific event is simply unreal. Contact the TCEQ and EPA and urge them to stand up to businesses and work to protect the health and environment of all Texans.


Anyone can call or comment. No deadline, but sooner is better!

Call: 512-239-1000 (TCEQ); 800-887-6063 (EPA’s Dallas Office)


Say something like: “Hi, I’m a resident of Texas, and I was deeply troubled by the massive explosions in Port Neches last week, especially considering the recent federal rollbacks of environmental and safety protections at refining and chemical plants. These corporations have the know-how and the means to maintain safe operating facilities, and if they don’t, they have no right being in business. I urge the [TCEQ / EPA] to do everything in their power to enforce existing laws on these facilities to ensure the health and safety of our communities. Thank you.”


CBS News: Forced Evacuations after Chemical Plant Explosions