Recently, our Governor, Attorney General, and several State Representatives targeted a 7 year old child, going so far as to publicly state her name and spreading lies about her, putting her and her mother’s safety at risk. Hate has no place in Texas, and this behavior cannot be tolerated. Call all of your elected officials and push them to stop the fear-mongering and instead work for a Texas where all Texans’ privacy, safety, and individual rights are protected.


“Hi, I’m a constituent of [Governor/AG/Representative/Senator]. I’m calling because I was horrified to learn that several elected Texas officials recently identified a 7 year old by name who may seek medical treatment in the future to delay puberty, and spread lies about her mother wanting to chemically castrate her. By doing so, they’ve put the lives of these two Texans in danger. It’s unbelievable that there is such little regard for this child’s safety, and that anyone would target a child for political gain. I want [Governor/AG/Representative/Senator] to issue a statement in support of this family and encourage all electeds to devote state resources to ensure the family’s safety. And if the [Governor/AG/Representative/Senator] wants to focus on protecting Texas children, I strongly encourage them to focus on real threats, like our abysmally low child healthcare insurance rate. My zip code is ____.”


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