Flip Texas
Save America

Indivisible TX Lege takes the Indivisible tactics of holding elected representatives to the Texas State Legislature accountable. The State Legislature has a decidedly different tenor than the US Congress. In true Texas fashion, it’s more “friendly,” where Texans from all districts are empowered to have their voices heard to all legislators, not just their own.

The Texas State Legislature has an outsize impact on the lives of Texans, and truly on America itself. The Texas Legislature draws congressional districts that can enable fair and equitable representation, or can gerrymander minorities into oblivion.

Some other examples of the Texas Legislature’s impact on our lives include:

  • Voting rights
  • Access to affordable healthcare
  • Education of our children
  • Access to firearms
  • Infrastructure
  • Creating a safe, clean, and sustainable environment
  • Combating climate change

And so much more!!!

From now to the next legislative session in 2021, we have our work cut out for us. Here are our current priorities:

  1. Help educate Texans on the importance and magnitude of the Texas Legislature and the importance of their engagement (and how to engage) with legislators
  2. Work to recruit and support responsible candidates for the Texas Legislature
  3. Support the 2020 Census to ensure all Texans are counted
  4. Put pressure on legislators to draw fair and equitable congressional district maps in 2021

With your help, we can have an impact on the future of our state and our nation. Join our efforts today!